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Online payment gateway integration aims to help ecommerce companies smoothly accept digital payments from customers. An online payment gateway ensures instant and secure transfer of a customer’s personal and payment information between an ecommerce application and one or several payment processing systems.

Sonic Technologies are working in this Payment Gateway Integration field from the last 8+ years and roviding a best to best services. Taking a motto of providing a superior quality and services.

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Features of Our Payment Gateway Service

Data Security

With online fraud increasing at an alarming rate, it’s important for any business taking online payments to ensure their customers’ data is kept secure when processing payments. The payment gateway you choose will be handling your customers’ sensitive payment data, so it is essential to review their security standards.

Merchant tools

For many retailers, their payment gateway is nothing more than a virtual point of sale. However, with the right merchant tools, it can become so much more. Top-of-the-range payment gateways include a range of features, such as detailed reporting features that allow you to review all transactions, a simplified refunds system and the ability to create custom reports as well.

Multiple Online payment methods

Just over a decade ago, cash was the way most consumers paid for goods and services. However, digital payment methods are on the rise and are fast becoming the dominant payment choice for consumers of all ages. Apart from debit and credit cards, newer alternative payment methods such as e-wallets and mobile payments are increasing in popularity.


Most payment gateways want to maximise their user bases, so they focus on becoming compatible with as many technological systems as possible. Some take this further by simplifying their integrations and removing the need for you to hire a web/mobile app developer to add their digital payment solution to your website/mobile app.